Hi! I’m Emily, a 26 year old mother of four (whoa!).  Passionate about healthy eating, and an amateur recipe creator. Major Chocoholic with a super sweet tooth, and a fitness fanatic. (Fanatic might be pushing it, I try to keep moving through)

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle growing up, softball was my main sport.  Then I got married, and a month later pregnant.

That’s where I fell off the “be healthy” wagon.  At this point in my life I never really knew what healthy eating was, sure I knew exercise was good for you, but when it came to healthy eating, the only thing I knew was just eat when you are hungry.  Didn’t really have any desire for vegetables and fruits as being part of my diet, lean meats? nah pass me some fried chicken! Protein? what’s that?!?

My first pregnancy was not fun, I never exercised, I ate hot pockets, pizza, chips, pasta ALL DAY LONG. I gained 60 pounds, felt awful, developed Pre-eclampsia then that led to HELLP. It was awful, after I was finlly released from the hospital almost a week after delivery, I hated myself for letting go and not caring. I learned my lesson.

Before my first (Levi) turned one I suffered a miscarriage but then got pregnant right away with #2 (Judah). By this time I had NOT lot the extra weight from my first pregnancy but I did decide to continue exercising (I had started back up after my first pregnancy, but still didn’t “get” the healthy eating part”) and eating a little better to control my weight somewhat. I gained 36 pounds my second time around, but because I exercised the entire time and sorta watched what I ate all the weight was off by 3 weeks, although I still had that extra weight from Levi, ug!

Spring 2010 was the major turning point for me with healthy living. All thanks to Ben, I remember at Easter that year after pigging out I was just completely disgusted with myself, and my baby belly ha. A few weeks before this Ben had become “super healthy eater” and I was a little interested, he actually opened me up to realizing that I never actually knew what eating healthy meant. That night after my huge Easter binge I took a picture of my baby belly and said, “That’s IT!! I’m going to change my diet and SEE results.” Since afterall Ben was seeing great results and he wasn’t killing himself with crazy excersises, just simple weight lifting and simply physical movement like walking, jogging, and biking. At the time I was 3 1/2 month postpartum after baby #2.

This is what healthy eating did for me, It wasn’t about intense workouts. One of my favorite quotes is “you can’t out excerise a bad diet!”. So true. I still exercised yes, but not because I HAD TO work off that extra plate of food I ate. I focused more on ‘lite’ muscle work, and continued to walk, but never felt like I had to push myself too hard to see results.

After suffering three miscarriages in a row (hormone issue) I got pregnancy with baby #3 (Eden!). This pregnancy I did my best, kept up daily exercising (actually slightly less then I did with #2) but I really focused on eating healthy (with many splurges) and again ‘lite’ muscle work. (Muscles aren’t just for the guys, don’t be scared you won’t accidently get “ripped”) I gained a total of 28 pounds, and again it all came off by 3 weeks PP. (Of course I had lots of toning to do still)

January 2012 is when I discovered the healthy living blog world, and since then I’ve been continuing learning all I can about nutrition and fitness.  I love what I’m doing and having this blog to share my personal journey with friends and family has been so fun.  My favorite feeling is when someone comes up to me and says they love reading! I’ve found my ‘outlet’ to be me and do something that I love.  I have a lot to learn still, blogging can be so complex, but I know that this is what I’m suppose to be doing, for now, we’ll see where it takes me!

2017 update! I had another baby BOY (ahh so many boys!!) In June of 2014!