On A Roll: Self Massage With Foam Rollers And Body Rolling

Let`s face it. When you feel relaxed, you look relaxed. Relaxation is probably one of the world`s best beauty treatments. If you could afford to get three massages weekly, would you do it? While frequent massages may be costly, there are two forms of self-massage that can be performed in the privacy of your own home: Foam Roller Massage and Body Rolling.

Foam roller massage, otherwise known as a myofascial self-release, use cylinder shaped Styrofoam rollers to enhance flexibility and alleviate muscular tension. The technique is quite simple. You place the roller at the origin of the muscle. The, gradually roll down. When you reach a point where you feel the most tension. Stay there and breathe deeply, allowing your body weight to sink into the roller. In general, experts suggest that you remain in the position until the pain subsides by 75%.

Foam roller massage is also used as a warm-up for athletic activities. Recent research has proven that excessive stretching prior to athletic activity may actually cause injuries, rather than prevent them. This is because extreme stretching may cause too much lengthening of the muscle, which will, in turn, make it weaker.

A weaker muscle is more prone to injury Foam roller massage will help untie a muscular knot, without creating too much length in the muscle. Many runners use foam roller massage to alleviate the dreaded IT Band syndrome, which is a tightness that begins in the hip and travels down the outer part of the leg.

  • Lie on your right side with the roller directly under your right hip.
  • Keep the right foot lifted from the floor.
  • Cross your left foot in front of your right.
  • Slowly, roll the roller towards your knee, but not on the knee itself.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Body Rolling is another self-massage technique that is similar in concept to myofascial self-release. In body rolling, you use specially designed balls as a means of releasing tension. Since the balls are obviously smaller than the rollers, they are excellent for alleviating tension in the neck. There are even smaller balls that are specially designed for a foot massage.

In addition to the athletic benefits of foam roller massage, they can also be used for a quick beauty treatment. When preparing for a big date or a special event, you can spend 15 to 30 minutes relaxing on a roller, without having to worry about running to and from your massage appointment.

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Over time, using foam rollers or body rolling balls will improve your circulation, which will, in turn, give your skin a healthy glow. The released tension will also add the touch of grace to your movement patterns. As if this were not enough, foam roller massage and body rolling can help correct muscular imbalances.

Muscular imbalances can often result in poor posture. When these imbalances are corrected, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your physical appearance.