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Meditation And Health Benefits

We often confuse meditation with spirituality. However, it can be said that although meditation is a key factor to attain spiritual well-being in the long run, it is a technique to heal your mind and body at the basic level.

A popular about meditation is that we often say people are in deep thought while meditation. But the truth about meditation is that the mind becomes free of tension, anxiety, stress and unwanted thoughts and instills positive feeling while meditating.

This means that the technique is used to heal and repair oneself physically and emotionally. Therefore, it has been observed that people who meditate are healthy physically as well as mentally. Let us explore the physical, mental health benefits of meditation.

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Physical health benefits of meditation

The physical health benefits of meditation are manifold. Meditation is considered to be the best remedy for stress, especially the kind we face in our daily lives. As it controls the mind, one can feel relaxed in dealing with adverse situation at home or at work.

  • Increases blood circulation: Meditation helps in reducing the blood pressure significantly, as a result of which it improves blood circulation in the heart. When a person meditates blood flow increases considerably in the frontal cortex, apart of other body parts. Reduced stress due to meditation not only keeps the heart healthy, but also reduces cholesterol, and improves the overall health.
  • Boosts immunity: Those who meditate regularly have increased immunity and can fight any disease better. They also get cured faster and require fewer visits from the doctor.
  • Helps in reducing pain: Chronic aches that occur in the nerves and muscles can be reduced to a large extent with the help of meditation. Researchers believe that this is caused because those who meditate regularly can respond to pain more effectively.
  • Healthy sleeping habits: Regular meditation leads to good sleeping habits. A good sleeping pattern makes a person physically more healthy and fit.
  • Helps in anti-ageing: Meditation soothes the nerve cells and helps the skin to glow. At the same time, it prevents you from falling ill often. On the whole, you look beautiful and younger than your chronological age.

Emotional health benefits of meditation

Meditation helps a person to become free of anxiety, tension, worries and fear. In other word it purifies the mind, which in turn leads to sound emotional health and well being. Some of the emotional health benefits of practicing meditation include:

  • Leads to decreased anxiety and depression. This gives him more enthusiasm and energy to work throughout the day without being stressed.
  • Provides a stable mind that decreases mood swings and irritability. This increases emotional stability.
  • Makes you feel relaxed and happy. This leads to a positive attitude.
  • Increases memory recall and boosts confidence. People who meditate are also more agile mentally and react to situations more tactfully.

A healthy mind and body helps to attain spiritual enlightenment. Self confidence and clarity helps a person to recognize his inner self much better. This state of mind often leads to self-actualization – a condition that makes one complete physically, emotionally and spiritually.