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A Great Online Acne Treatment System From Neutrogena

How frustrating is it when a friend recommends an acne product and you rush home to try it only to find out that it doesn’t work? This same scenario plays out every day when people look for reviews and recommendations on various products that may or may not help. Sometimes even the most expensive and popular treatments out there won’t give you the clear skin that you want. It’s an unfortunate fact there is no cure for acne and many people continue to suffer from problem skin despite using quality products.

One of the main problems is a fact most commercial products are designed for mass consumption. In other words, there is no level of customization or personalization when it comes to each person’s specific skin type. Neutrogena has recognized how much harder this makes the ability to fight acne effectively, and they have come up with a solution known as the Skin ID system.

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A Personal Assessment

Neutrogena Skin ID is based on a simple premise yet it is rather revolutionary at the same time. Now you can finally get access to quality products that are recommended based on your specific type of acne. This is something that even the most popular treatments like Proactive or Acne Free can’t offer, but it’s very likely they might end up copying Neutrogena in the near future.

This is a level of treatment that comes as close as possible to seeing a dermatologist without actually having to make an appointment. A combination of quality Neutrogena products and personal recommendations packs a powerful punch that dramatically increases the chances of clearing up your skin.

A New Way of Doing Things

As of now, the Neutrogena Skin ID system is only available online and through their official website. You are required to login after which you will have the option of beginning the professional assessment. You will answer questions related to basic information and personal lifestyle habits.

The system will want to know about your past acne history, biggest problem areas, and your specific skin type. There are diagrams and multiple-choice questions to make the process even easier, and the questionnaire is informative as well.

The Assessment

They will also want to know about lifestyle factors such as stress levels or overall exposure to the sun. When you have completed the assessment, the computer will calculate the best treatment options and assign you a complete system comprised of three separate components.

This three-step approach seems to be the basic formula that most acne treatments use these days, but of course the big difference here is that each individual product is recommended specifically for you. There are a multitude of possible combinations and your recommended products might be very different than the ones given to your best friend.

The Online Advantage

The website itself is a valuable resource and you even have the option of posting questions that will be answered by licensed dermatologists after becoming a member. You get detailed support and plenty of help along the way as you progress with your treatment.

Neutrogena knows what it’s like to fight problem skin and all of their products are designed for gentle daily use. You’ll appreciate that these line of products are not extraordinarily expensive, and the personal touch could be just the thing you need to finally figure out how to get rid of acne in a way that works for you.


As you already know, there are lots of products out there, and some are cheaper than others. Neutrogena skin ID is on the expensive side, but it offers something the competition can’t. It’s definitely worth trying the assessment since it doesn’t cost a thing.

And if you choose to use the products, you can be assured of Neutrogena quality that has the health of your skin in mind. It’s not a 100% guarantee it will clear your acne since there are no products that can offer that, but it’s definitely a treatment that improves your odds dramatically.

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5 Points To Choose The Perfect Weight Loss Plan For You

Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and junk foods, there has been a considerable rise in obesity in the recent decade. Being overweight not only makes you look bad, but also is one of the main causes of various health problems which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. With thousands of tips on how to lose weight, it becomes hard to choose and follow the right one for you.

Also a better option to lose weight is going systematically and following tested plans to shed that extra weight. However choosing just any random plan does not guarantee weight loss and one must carefully analyze the type of weight loss plan before selecting one.

Losing weight with Phenq pilules is based on the fact that you need to spend more calories than you actually consume. Hence weight loss plans mainly concentrate on diet as well as exercise. You must consider the following points while selecting the perfect weight loss program for you.

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  1. Does It Suit Your Food Habits?

Choose the weight loss plan which suits your food habits. For instance it is not feasible for an Italian to go for a weight loss program which is based on Chinese food. There are lots of advantages of choosing a weight loss program based on your staple food. Firstly, the ingredients will be easily available in your locality. Some weight loss plans may ask you to eat different exotic food items and you may have a hard time looking for the ingredients. Secondly there is a good chance that you know how to cook the food if it is based on your staple diet and hence will be easier to cook rather than going through cooking manuals and ending up with something which does not look remotely close to the one in the picture. And finally, your body will easily accept the diet which you regularly eat rather than something which is completely alien.

  1. Does The Exercise Suit You?

Some people are more fit as compared to others while there are some who have never done any physical work in their entire life. Hence it is a good idea to check out the exercise plan to check if it is easy or hard to perform. You can select the plan which will suit your level. Also consider the time which you will be able to devote to the exercises.

  1. How Quickly You Will Lose Weight?

Some weight loss plans take more time and some take less time to show signs of weight loss. Choose the one according to your requirements. Both plans which take long time or less time to show results have their own merits and demerits and you must consider them properly before going for the plan. Plans which take long time usually are efficient in preventing weight gain later on but can get quite boring or de-motivating because of lack of fast results. On the other hand, if you follow plans which help you lose weight quickly, there are more chances of gaining weight again once you quit but they do provide you good motivation to stick to the plan.

  1. What Is Your Past?

Have you been through weight loss plans before? If yes, you must carefully analyze what things went wrong in the plan which compelled you to lose the plan in the first place. For instance- If you didn’t have much time for the plans, then it is better to go for a plan which doesn’t require you to exercise for 1 hour or more every day.

  1. Any Allergies and Health Condition?

If you have a medical condition, (for instance diabetes or blood pressure) make sure that the food included in the diet don’t contain the ingredients which are prohibited for you. Also if you have allergy with some food items (for instance milk), make sure that there are no dairy products in the diet plan you are going to follow.

bad breath

Keep Your Breath Smelling Great And Stop Scaring Away Strangers

Nobody wants to be stuck beside someone who smells bad. It’s such a horrible situation because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, but when you are left standing or sitting next to them it can feel like torture. The smell drives straight up your nose and it’s almost impossible to not think about. That’s usually why people end up being avoided and it might not be their fault. Maybe they shower every day and always wear clean clothes. How can they still smell bad?

Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer from halitosis. The have a lot more bad smells coming from their mouth than the average person. It’s fine if you have a little bad breathe when you first get out of bed, but if that smell is sticking with you the entire day then something has to change. It will make you nervous when you get too close to someone because you have no idea if they’re dying inside because of you. If you think your mouth could do with a new lease of life then here’s 6 tips to make it happen.

Most of the horrible smells in your mouth with come from all the nasty bacteria on your tongue. That means every morning you should be scraping the tongue and getting rid of all that crap. It will take you 2 minutes and save you an unbelievable amount of embarrassment. This is one area that people skip over when they sort their mouth out in the morning. Don’t let it be you.

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Everybody was always talking about the Atkins Diet and how it was going to save the country from an obesity epidemic. No-carb diets won’t stop you from having bad breathe unfortunately. When you stop eating carbs your body releases ketones, disgusting chemicals that come directly out of your mouth. That will make you think twice before you ever refuse the bread again.

When you go in the shower you wash the dirt off, right? It’s the same when you drink water throughout the day. All the horrible smells will be washed out of your mouth. Staying hydrated is important for your health, but also for other peoples comfort. Fill a huge bottle up with water before you leave home in the morning and finish it before you come home.

This one is pretty cool. Eat hard vegetables. That’s it. When you hard vegetables it will clean all the bacteria away for you. If you’re not the biggest fan of vegetables it’s OK to use hard fruit. That doesn’t mean the fruit should be unripe, but that the texture should be harder than something like a banana. Don’t think you can get away with eating chocolate as long as you wash it down with a carrot.

It has to be sugarless gum, so don’t run out and buying anything just yet. The idea is to keep chewing gum so your mouth salivates and all the bacteria is washed away. It’s not to hard to make sure you always have a little gum stored away in a pocket somewhere. If you’re lucky it could also stop you from being hungry all the time and it will help you lose weight.

When you’re brushing your teeth it should be more than a 10 second job. Ideally you should be brushing them for at least 2 minutes. Don’t destroy them by moving the toothbrush back and forth as fast as humanly possible. The best way to get rid of plaque is to brush in little circles without applying too much pressure. Then of course you should always use mouthwash and floss.